The Wisconsin Hop Exchange (WHEx) is a cooperative, designed to assist hop growers in producing a quality product and creating new business partners with local hops consumers. The WHEx is founded on the belief that the most sustainable approach to Wisconsin hops use is the stimulation of local markets and a return to local production.

The Wisconsin Hop Exchange has over a dozen growers are looking for more interested growers to join us. WHEx meets regularly to discuss issues facing Wisconsin hop growers. Check the news section for next meeting time and dates.

Our growers have a wide variety of knowledge from many different fields. We share our knowledge and experience at our meetings. We are primarily located in the Waterloo, WI area but have members quite a distance from our core growers. WHEx has been working with several brewery’s to determine their exact needs.

Contact the WHEx Coop’s Secretary if you are a current or up-and-coming hop grower interested in joining our cooperative.