June 2013 Wisconsin Hop Exchange harvest forecast

Wisconsin Hop Exchange is releasing its June 2013 Harvest Forecast.  This forecast is designed to be a conservative estimate of the 2013 crop. WHEx Member Growers reported to the Cooperative on June 18th the status of their fields. From this information WHEx puts together a report by variety along with predicted pounds. This report is available to all Brewers that are interested in purchasing hops from the Wisconsin Hop Exchange for their fall lineup of Beers.

June 16th at Joseph Staudt Hop’s, near Neosho, Wi.

June 16th at Joseph Staudt Hop’s, near Neosho, Wi.

WHEx was sold out of hops in January and Brewers have been thirsty for more Wisconsin Hops.

“WHEx hopped beer is hard to find because 99% of the hops have already run through the kettles”, Reports Rich Joseph, Vice President of the Wisconsin Hop Exchange. “Our Growers are doing a great job with their fields this year and Mother Nature has been on our side. Very few fields have needed to be irrigated this year. The wet weather does pose a new challenge in disease management. WHEx has been working with UW Extension in developing a disease prevention plan and have delivered this to our growers. All growers should be implementing these guidelines.” Joseph noted that the Harvest Forecast is slightly higher than earlier estimates and almost 7 times larger than last year’s final yields.

Brewers interested in using Wisconsin Hops should contact Rich Joseph at 608-516-9649 or send an email to rich.joseph.rj@gmail.com for the complete report.



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